Cryotherapy for Back Pain

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Cryotherapy for back pain in Jacksonville Florida? The solution is to Heal Below Zero.


It is staggering when you consider the number of people who will experience back pain and the economic impact is truly mind-blowing.


According to a study on back pain.


“Back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost work days in one year—that’s two work days for every full-time worker in the country. Experts estimate that up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives. Back pain can affect people of all ages, from adolescents to the elderly.”


Translation? Just keep living and you’re likely to have a need for cryotherapy for back pain.


Back pain sufferers unfortunately instinctively reach for a pill for the pain. The long line of dangerous effects of taking pain pills is well documented. None is greater than the opioid crisis that is killing people daily.


You can be sure that each person who has fallen to this epidemic said that it would not happen to them when they took that first pill.


In other words, it is not something that they planned to do.


Cryotherapy could be a better option to take the edge off of back pain.


Whole body cryotherapy helps your entire body and this is an important fact because although many times you may have a herniated disc or other more specific local pain in your back, it still always causes pains and aches in other parts of your body because you’re compensating for the pain and most often leads to aches throughout your body.


How Does Cryotherapy Help Back Pain?


The positive impact of cold therapy is well documented. When you have back pains your mobility is drastically reduced. The pains often lead to depression and the list goes on and on. It seems that there is a negative trickle-down effect when you have back pains.




Because your spine protects your central nervous system and the slightest amount of damage can gently touch a nerve that sends electric lightning bolt strikes of pain throughout your body.


Sciatic pains or lumbar issues can all be positively impacted due to the whole body cryotherapy.


What is a herniation in the disc in your back?

Herniated disc the rubbery cushions between the individual vertebrae that make up your back is damaged; this is most common in the lower area of the spine, but can also occur in the neck area. It is not uncommon for the ‘cushons’ to bulge out from the area between your vertebrae and that is called a bulging disc.


These discs have a soft center and rough exterior, which may become ruptured, and this could be due to an injury or it could result from just aging and the wear and tear of life’s movements. The end result leads to causing some of the soft center to protrude through the exterior. This often affects nearby nerves and causes pain, numbness or weakness in an arm or in the buttocks, thighs, and calf of the leg as well as the back. The slightest touching of a nerve can send explosive pain through your body.

How does cryotherapy work?


Here’s what a famous doctor has to say about how cryotherapy helps joints and pains and the joints and pains of your back can receive the same benefits as the joints described in the quotes by this doctor:


The doctor asks if his studio audience thinks the WBC will work to help people.

And then he says this…

“The answer, it helps. These new, expanded forms of cold therapy can be very helpful for folks who have debilitating pain and inflammation and let me show you why… when you have pain and why cooling it makes a difference.

So, let’s say you’re exercising and you sprain your knee, right? You’ve got aches and pains inside of that knee, and what ends up happening if you have an eroded surface is the blood vessels over the painful limb begin to swell, and as those vessels swell a little bit, they’ll release chemicals, and the tissue underneath, next to it, get influenced by these white blood cells that sneak across and release chemicals that cause inflammation, irritation, and almost a scratchy feeling.

Now, that swelling can be addressed if you cool the joint. When you cool the joint, you shrink the blood vessels, and by shrinking the blood vessels, when they get smaller, it’s harder for the white blood cells to escape, you have less swelling, and therefore, the tissue around it, less chemicals release into the joint space and less aches and pains overall. It also affects the nerves because the nerves get cold, they stop sensing pain, and that influences, of course, the way your body will sense whatever’s going on down there.”


If you’ve experienced back pain then you know that you can’t function. Regardless of if you’re trying to sit, stand, walk, sleep, your back pain has a negative impact. Whole body cryotherapy can be part of your process to restore your back and help to resolve the root cause of the pain.


People have expressed they get positive effects from this therapy for a variety of back pain conditions so you owe it to yourself to discover if by adding this affordable cold therapy to your health and wellness regime then you too can start to experience less pain and a renewed more vibrant life.


There are certain health conditions that would prohibit you from using this type of therapy so be sure to ask what those conditions are before seeking treatment.


We will have you complete a form to help screen you as a candidate too. But we strongly encourage you to get your questions answered. This could be the ‘tipping point’ for you to get the back pain relief you’ve been seeking.


Sciatica pain can manifest in so many ways and the source of the pain may be rooted in such a way that even the great services of an amazing chiropractor may not be getting you the complete relief that you’re seeking. Perhaps this could be that final ‘push’ to get you that last bit of pain relief and when it comes to back pain, especially sciatica, then a little bit of relief, could really mean a lot.


We’re excited to answer you questions and even if you want to come in and have a look at the whole body cryotherapy unit just to satisfy your curiosity as well as getting your questions answered then we welcome you to give us a call and we can get you a time to come on by. We look forward to meeting you.

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