Cryotherapy for Knee Pain

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Cryotherapy For Knee Pain

Jacksonville residents are known for their active lifestyles. If you’re in Florida and visit Jax then you’ll quickly discover they love their Jacksonville Jaguars.

Many of the players on this NFL team have dealt with knee pain. Just like you and I, they have to make the decision when trying to get pain relief as to whether they should use something like cryotherapy or should they use other options.

We’re going to look into this just a bit closer to help you decide what may be the best option for your joint pains, and more specific knee pain relief.

Cryotherapy and Osteoarthritis

If you’re like so many people in the USA, then you could be an osteoarthritis sufferer. Some estimates say that as many as 21 million or the 300 or so million people who live in the US suffer from this very painful challenge.

If you write out a list of the symptoms of osteoarthritis it would be a long list. And unfortunately, it does not matter what age you are because this disease can impact you regardless of age or sex.

There’s a large population of the US that suffers from arthritis due to wear and tear on their body. They may have sustained an injury and over a period of time the injury wore down the cartilage and the bone and the osteoarthritis symptoms start to appear.

The Main Symptom Of Osteoarthritis In The Knee

The main symptom of osteoarthritis is pain. The inflammation. The restricted movements. The robbing of your ability to function in a manner that you’ve been accustomed to living.
And that leads to emotional pains. As well as collateral emotional pain for your loved ones who watch you suffer or who can’t enjoy doing things with you like they used to.

So when you have knee pains it not only affects the person who has the pain. It also impacts the people in their lives.

How Knee Pain Impacts The Rest Of Your Body

And the same way that when you have knee pain it affects more than just the person in pain, it will also affect more than just the knee that is experiencing pain because you walk in a new way to compensate for the pain. This puts an extra burden on other parts of your body. Usually, it leads to back pains and pains in the hips or the other knee. And then you have a compounding effect until the point that a single knee pain leads to multiple issues throughout your body.

There are probably several people who are reading this right now who are saying ‘Hey, that’s exactly what happened!’.

Why Whole Body Cryotherapy For Knee Pain?

It’s very common. And that is why we recommend Whole Body Cryotherapy for knee pain.

The whole body cryotherapy chamber will get your knee treated, but equally important it will help your body to recover from the extra burden being placed on your other body parts due to the ailing knee.

The reduction in inflammation is very important to help you with recovery and mobility. The inflammation is your body’s way to respond to something going wrong, but there are times when the body may overreact and the inflammation may lead to more harm than help and that is why the cryotherapy can be so helpful.

Cryotherapy causes your body to go into save the vital organs mode. In other words, the blood flows to the vital organs when you’re cooled off as the cryotherapy does. This rushing to the vital organs does a few really great things to your blood. It helps to detox the blood. Plus, it increases the oxygenation of the blood. Once the blood rushes back into the muscles after the freezing done by the cryotherapy then the returning oxygen-rich and detoxed blood aids in the faster healing of your sore or injured joints and muscles.

The great thing about the whole body cryotherapy is you get the whole body benefit of the process and not just a localized therapy. It just may help you ‘head off’ an injury that is on the verge of happening due to the new stresses of walking differently due to the injured knee.

That is why you see so many high-level athletes who depend on their body to make their living constantly getting whole body cryotherapy. It’s a great way to help you recover from workouts or just a great addition to your physical and mental health.

There’s a ‘runner’s high’ sensation that a large number of people say they experience after their whole body cryotherapy treatment sessions. In fact, this one effect alone is what keeps so many people coming back each week. They say they are better focused and have higher levels of energy.

Pain Linked To Depression

There’s a large number of people who experience mild to moderate depression due to the pain in their knee because they are not mobile like they used to be. In some cases, the pain can be so great that they can’t drive. But the mental clarity and pain reduction is a double winner for people who are in this situation.
Whole body cryotherapy does not work for everyone. There may need to be a cumulative effect too. In other words, some people say it took a number of sessions before they really started to get the full positive impact of the therapy.

At any rate, when you’re looking for knee pain relief, you should consider this alternative knee pain solution because it addresses the compound effect of a knee injury or knee pain and there is no risk of getting addicted to painkillers as well as there’s not a shot like cortisone which will accelerate the degeneration of your knee.

There are so many more benefits of whole-body cryotherapy then just knee pain relief so give us a call and we can help you get your questions answered.

This is a great therapy to do in conjunction with other treatments to help you either need fewer pain pills or help you avoid the other dangerous pharmaceutical options.

Cold reduces pain and it’s been helping people for thousands of years. Now, with whole-body cryotherapy, we’ve harnessed the power of Mother Natures cold to help you get great results for your knee as well as any other joint pains that may need the anti-inflammatory benefits of this therapy.

Get more information so that you can make an informed decision. This therapy is not for everyone so be sure to let the staff know about any and all of your medical conditions.

We’re excited for the chance to help you become the next Heal Below Zero ‘Cool’ raving fan.

Give us a call.

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