What Are the Side Effects of Cryotherapy?

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What is Cryotherapy?

The search for cryotherapy in Jacksonville Fl is all too common. Chronic pains, muscle stiffness, or even just the effects of aging are constantly at the top of mind for thousands of Jacksonville Florida area residents. A solution that is helping so many joint and muscle pain sufferers is cryotherapy.


Cryo means cold. And we’re all familiar with getting an ice pack to place on an injured or inflamed body part. Now, there’s a very effective way to quickly and efficiently receive the benefits of cold therapy for your entire body.


You wear specific clothing into a whole body chamber and stay in the chamber for up to 3 minutes. In that brief, but very cold amount of time, your body responds to the cold by sending your blood to the vital organs which results in a myriad of positive benefits.


The list of reasons people seek relief is long, and this is not all of the reasons. Plus, we offer whole body cryotherapy which is not advisable for some of the conditions below. There are options for getting treatment in focused areas versus treating the whole body, but we do not offer that service at our facility at the time of this writing.

Why Do People Get Cryotherapy

  • Increase in metabolism. This may not happen for everyone. After a session of cryotherapy, energy (calories) are used to reheat the body. It is hypothesized that during a three to five-minute session, approximately 500 to 800 calories are burned.
  • Pain management and reduction: Think of the cryotherapy as a cold pack for your entire body, but instead of the normal 20 minutes, you get it done in less than 5 minutes. Cryotherapy is used in both acute and chronic pain as well as wellness and preventative therapy.
  • Reduces muscle spasms: Cold therapy reduces the sensitivity of the muscle spindles and reduces pain. The bottom line is many people reduce muscle spasms and if you’re prone to cramping this may help.
  • Reduce inflammation: Inflammation is often a leading cause of pain. It’s your body’s response to something that appears to be going wrong. There are times when the signal is good, and there are times when this signal is detrimental. The cold therapy helps to slow the inflammatory response by reducing the release of inflammatory mediators.
  • Edema management: Cold therapy reduces capillary permeability. As a result, cryotherapy helps to reduce edema as well as hemorrhage.
  • Reduce spasticity: Muscle cooling has been found to possibly help with the Mylon sheath of neurons and may possibly reduce nerve conduction. Essentially reducing pain by more than just assisting with reducing inflammation.
  • Vasoconstriction: As cryotherapy lowers the tissue temperature, it acts as a vasoconstrictor. In the case of acute injury, this effect of cryotherapy along with elevation can stop bleeding along with easing pain.
  • Reduce fever: Cryotherapy reduces fever by bringing the tissue temperature down. This has a significant impact on the physiological function of the body.
  • Improve muscle fatigue: Athletes use ice packs during training or competitions. Cryotherapy chambers can also be used to recover from an exercise-induced muscle injury or delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS).
  • Temperature stress: CNot all stress is bad. Your body responds to lower temperatures by releasing cortisol, adrenaline, and dopamine —  that all have positive effects such as higher pain threshold, less fatigue, and reduced hunger which may have positive weight loss implications.

What are the side effects of Cryotherapy and Who Should Avoid Cryotherapy?

This is not a complete list and you should seek the advice of your medical professional prior to getting WBC  if you have a medical condition. Whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) should be avoided in the following cases:

  • Any respiratory illnessMetal implants or pacemakers
  • Pediatric patients (younger than 18)
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Raynaud’s syndrome
  • Circulatory disorders like peripheral arterial or venous disease (DVT)
  • History of seizures
  • A history of a heart attack in the past six months
  • History of stroke or cerebral hemorrhage
  • Acute or chronic kidney disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Anemia tumors
  • Unstable angina pectoris
  • Cardiovascular disease or arrhythmias

Cryotherapy Side Effects

The benefits of cold therapy are well documented and it’s exciting to know that the negative side effects are really mild and limited.

Some people will experience some nerve irritation and a bit of tingling and numbness. Depending on your skin color you may experience redness. In addition, some people experience some mild skin irritation. If a person stays in the cryo-chamber too long there is the risk of frostbite and the ramifications of frostbite.

Additional precautions such as no jewelry and not wearing wet clothing and being as dry as possible prior to entering the whole body cryotherapy chamber.

Cryotherapy coupons

We may be running specials on our whole body cryotherapy services. The best way to find out is to give us a call to see what savings you can get when you purchase a package deal. We have patients who come on a regular schedule as part of their wellness program.

The invigorating effects of cryotherapy along with the health and beauty benefits makes this therapy an excellent addition to a chronic pain care regimen. Be sure to ask about how cryotherapy may be used in conjunction with our weight loss or stem cell therapy options.

We look forward to answering your questions and providing you with the highest levels of service. Get the results just like the pros. Heal Below Zero will help you get the results you want. Give us a call.

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