What Does Cryotherapy Do to Your Body?

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what does cryotherapy do to your bodyWhat exactly does cryotherapy do to your body? There are so many new studies coming out that talk about the many benefits of cryotherapy.  We are going to take a look at a few of the many benefits in this article.

Why do people in Jacksonville Fl get cryotherapy? According to a study here are a few of the conditions that people use cryotherapy to treat:

  • fibromyalgia,
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • chronic low back pain
  • ankylosing spondylitis
  • osteoarthritis
  • secondary fibromyalgia other autoimmune diseases

Possible Benefits of Cryotherapy

Let’s take a closer look at a few more possible benefits of cryotherapy.

The biggest reason people get cryotherapy in Jax fl area? One word.


Cryotherapy helps numb nerve irritation and regardless of your age when your nerve fires to tell your brain that you’re in pain, we all seek relief. Whether you’re seeking the relief from arthritis or from a sports injury or it could even be just a ‘wear and tear’ from just-being-alive-type-of-pain.

When it hurts. It hurts.

And cryotherapy just may be an important part of your solution. A big reason cold therapy numbs pain is because the slightest inflammation can rub a nerve and that ever so slight rubbing of the nerve can send excruciating pain. Modern cold therapy treatments have advanced from just the ice bags and getting ice massages to the use of whole-body cryotherapy chambers that allows for you to get the results must faster and more conveniently.

Cryotherapy May Lift Your Spirits?

According to a study, the super low temperatures used when you get cryotherapy treatments may cause physiological hormone responses that have a positive impact on mood disorders.

Cryotherapy Treatment For Anxiety and Depression.

A natural drug-free alternative treatment for anxiety and depression may be cryotherapy. PLEASE NOTE: Always seeks the advice of your doctor before stopping any medications that you’re currently taking for depression or anxiety. The study shares the details as to how the hormone responses provided short term help for mood disorders and actually helped to increase metabolism also. We are not saying that this should replace your current program to treat depression or anxiety, but it just may be a smart thing to look into how cryotherapy may help you get even better results with your treatment.

Cryotherapy As A Possible Treatment To Help Dementia and Alzheimer’s?

There are a number of doctors that are aggressively looking into how cryotherapy may help as a treatment or even possibly a way to help prevent dementia and Alzeheimers. The ‘jury is still out’ on this treatment for these conditions, but if you’re looking for ways to help prevent or help treat dementia in Jacksonville Fl then you will want to look into the studies found on government websites by clicking here. The basis for the treatment possibly having positive effects is it is believed the cryotherapy right here in Jax fl may help to combat the inflammatory and oxidative stress responses with Alzheimer’s disease.

Cryotherapy For Eczema Treatment?

The biggest organ on your body is your skin. It serves you in so many ways. But there are times when your skin condition may cause you pain, irritation, and what seems like an itch that can’t be satisfied. And if you’re not able to resist then the burning that accompanies the itch only causes you more pain and frustration.

Welcome to the world of atopic dermatitis. You may know this by the name of eczema. It impacts all ages and unless you’ve been through the misery of having this condition then you just can’t quite grasp it’s the mental, physical, and emotional impact.

Too many times people feel forced to wear long sleeves and pants even in the hottest of conditions. And all too often, people who have eczema will also have asthma. So just picture living in Jacksonville Florida, and feeling forced to wear long sleeves and pants year round because of your skin condition.

Talk about misery -Right?

Itchy skin that gets scratched and inflamed due to atopic dermatitis can not only drive you crazy, but also look bad, and feel bad. It also has an emotional impact due to the embarrassment associated with the results on your skin. It is believed that cryotherapy for dermatitis and other skin conditions may help improve antioxidant levels in the blood as well as reduce the inflammation associated with getting atopic dermatitis treatment in Jacksonville, Fl.

And who knows, cryotherapy just may even help with acne too.

As always, we are not making claims as to this treatment will work for everyone who has any of the conditions we cover in this article and we are not responsible for nor did we sponsor any of the studies that we link to in this article. Yet, it is clear that cryotherapy is helping a number of people. Will you get the facts or just stand by and wonder?


If you have additional questions please be sure to give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions or set up a time to meet with you and help you determine just how cryotherapy may benefit you.

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