What is Cryotherapy Used to Treat?

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Cryotherapy in Jacksonville Florida is still a very popular service. Why? Because people are getting positive results.

Everyone knows that when you have inflammation then ice is used to reduce the swelling.  Cryotherapy takes this concept to a whole new level.

What is Cryotherapy?

When people are looking for whole body cryotherapy (WBC) they will discover that there are a few different results that will come up and it could get a little confusing. The main thing is it is pain treatment that uses freezing temperatures to reduce inflammation as well as deaden an irritated nerve. So it basically helps relieve the pain.

There’s a number of applications for localized freezing which is what the cryotherapy does, but we want to be clear that we provide whole body cryotherapy and not the cryosurgery that is often used to help treat certain cancers such as prostate cancer.

So let’s start with the service that we provide.

WBC in Jax Fl is when you actually enter a tank that is used to apply the cold therapy.
Cryotherapy literally means “cold therapy” and the principle behind the therapy is to have your body exposed to the extremely cold temperatures for a set amount of time and the cold helps reduce inflammation and you gain the benefits.

How Does Whole Body Cryotherapy Work?

Getting the treatments are really easy and most people find it very invigorating as well as highly effective.

Here’s what you do.

  • You wear specific attire (you’ll find out when you schedule your appointment) that will allow for your body to be exposed to the cold, but not your entire body and then you step into the cryo tank and the enclosure will then reach temperatures between negative 200-400 degrees.

Yes, even Frosty The Snowman would think this is really cool (by the way, this just may help Frosty lose some of that round belly… but we’ll discuss that in another article).

  • Once you step into the cooling chamber you’ll need to stay for a brief amount of time and it is not uncommon for you to build up to stay in the chamber for as long as 4 minutes.
  • The treatment time, as well as the number of times you get treated, will vary depending on the individual, but most people opt to have several sessions.
  • You should not be surprised when you start to experience positive results after the first session or two, but as stated before, most people will go for a package of several sessions because as they have more sessions the results seem to get better.

We make no claims as to the effectiveness of cryotherapy for the following conditions, but a number of patients have said that they get positive results for the following conditions, as well as there have been a number of studies that are published on government websites that speaks positively regarding cryotherapy having positive results for the following conditions. One study found on the government website stated: The pain level after application of the cold therapy decreases significantly.”

Cryotherapy for Migraine Headache Treatments in Jacksonville Fl.

Looking for a migraine treatment that is natural and you don’t have to worry about the side effects of the drugs or you don’t have to take a shot? Then you should try cryotherapy. Cryotherapy treatment for migraines in Florida is on the rise. And based upon the results of at least one study, there is a good reason. People are loving the results. The bottom line is the cooling effect of the blood that passes via your intracranial vessels as well as the carotid arteries is what appears to be having a positive effect. Either way, as long as you’re getting results and you don’t have to take harmful drugs then the exact reason why you get relief really is not as important as you get the relief in a safe an effective way – Right?

Cryotherapy for Arthritis Treatment Jax Fl

Arthritis can flare up at any time. And it impacts millions of people regardless of your age. Cryotherapy for arthritis is something that has helped a great many people. Think about this. If the elite athletes are using this to help extend their careers and help them to return from injury faster, then doesn’t it make sense for you to at least look into just how this may be able to help you too?

Knees and hip pains even if it’s a slight tear, the reduction of inflammation will help you get better pain relief.

What if it only reduces your pain to the point that you take fewer harmful medications. Wouldn’t that be worth it alone?

The dangerous prescription drugs that get approved by the FDA and then only to discover they were not safe after so many people experienced their harmful effects (Think Celebrex) are just not worth the risks. You owe it to yourself to at least look into how this therapy may become part of your pain reducing routine.

To discover more about how cryotherapy may help you reduce pain, please give us a call.

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